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OIKOS, in cooperation with the association Richbone Initiative Foundation (RBI), organises international workcamps in Ghana.

 Richbone Initiative Foundation was created in Accra, the capital of Ghana  in 2006 and registered in 2007, with the aim of serving the needs of humanity especially the poor people.

The mission of the association is to help improve the quality of life of underprivileged people by providing them educational materials and information about health care, education, poverty alteration, children’s rights and social development. 






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RBI-MTV-1 Different locations Open dates (*) Teaching
RBI-MTV-2 Different rural areas Open dates Health care
RBI-MTV-3 Different locations Open dates Orphanage

(*) Because of the school holiday the four-weeks projects are not available in the following month:

April - August - September - Dicember - January





-  Download the application form by clicking here;

    - Pay the participation fee of 130,00 euro on the bank account 14042.46 destinated to Associazione OIKOS, IBAN code IT 10 01030 03215 000001404246 BIC SWIFT: PASCITM1R15 with the payment description "amount mid long termin volunteering". Then you have to send a copy of the payment by fax to the number 06/5073233 or by email to the address

    -  Send the filled application form in English or French to the email address, preferably 3 months before the starting date, so that everything can by well prepared and organized.  

    The beginning of the activites is up to the availability of each volunteer.
    OIKOS tries to promote the partecipation of everyone.

    The mid and long term volunteer programs are individual and personalised. Evry volunteer is invited to the OIKOS office in Rome to have an orientation meeting and discuss about his/her motivations and skills.

    For further information:





    REQUIREMENTS: The projects are open to volunteers from all over the world who are 18+ years old.

    PARTECIPATION FEE: The partecipation fee covers all the costs of organization and management of the project and it includes the annual registration fee of OIKOS association. It has to be paid when the application is done and for these projects is 120,00 euro.

    WORKCAMP FEE:  The amount covers the room and board and includes a percentage addressed to the developement of the local community. It has to be paid to the persone in charged of the hosting association after the arrival and it is 300,00 euro.

    PERIOD: All the projects take place during the whole year and the dates are open. The volunteer is the one who decide the starting and the ending date without any obligation. Remember that the project  RBI-MTV 1, which takes place in some schools, is not available during the school holidays.

    The minimum stay is 1 month, the maximum 3 months

    TRASPORTATION: A person in charge of the hosting association will meet the volunteer at his/her arrival at the airport of Accra.

    The hosting association suggests that the volunteers will carry all the necessary for their stay in Ghana and for the selected project: mosquito net, insect screen, sterilized needles kit, first aid box, medicines against diarrhea, sunscreen and sunglasses, pills to purify the water, bottles of water, alarm clock, international driving license, sleeping bag, towels, pillows and bed sheets, gloves, dresses and shoes for work, work tools (i.e. for gardening, for working the wood or for construction works) or others.






    Great Accra region - Kumasi -


    LOCATION: The projects take place in elementary and middle schools of multiple locations: Greater Accra region,  Kumasi Metropolitan district in Ashanti region;  Anum city in the West Region.
    The reference airport is the international airport of
    Kotoka in Accra.

     The volunteers take part actively to the education of children between 5 and 16 years old who are hosted by the schools, contribuiting with the school equipement in multiple educational and recreational activities. Most of all, they organize activities where they support the teaching of English, maths, sciences and they organize the sport activities. The volunteers work 5-6 hours per day, that means 25-30 hours per week.

    ACCOMODATION:  The volunteers stay in a local family's place or in an hostel. It is essencial a sleeping bag. They provide three meals per day. 

    PERIOD: The project take place during the following periods:
    From the 10th of January to the 12th of April,  from the 2nd of May to thel 4th of August, from the 13th of September to the 15th pf December.
    In fact the school holiday in Ghana generally are during the following periods: from the 12th of April to the 1st of May, from the 5th of August to the 13th of September, from the 16th pf december to the 9th of January.

    REQUIREMENTS:' The knowledge of English is required.


    Different Rural Areas

    Health care

    LOCATION: The projects take place in rural areas in many regions of Ghana, in hospitals where they are looking for staff even unskilled.

     The volunteers take part to the smooth running of the hospitals, in collaboration with the staff in taking care of the patients and in the administrative activities (registration of patients, forms compilation, etc.). The volunteers work from Monday to Friday.

    ACCOMODATION: The volunteers stay in a local family's place or in an hostel. It is essencial a sleeping bag. They provide three meals per day. 

    REQUIREMENTS: A minimum experience in the medical field is required. With the application it is necessary to send the curriculum and a cover letter.


    Old Ningo, Amasaman, Tema Community


    LOCATION: Orphanages in Old Ningo, Amasaman, Tema Community.

    WORK: The volunteers take part to the care of children hosted in the orphanages, in collaboration with the  educators in different activities which garantee a protected, healtch and appropriate environment. Most of all, they take care of children and young people in the everyday moments (when they eat, when they get dressed, etc), they organize the educational and playful activities to stimulate creativity and informal education, they clean the rooms of the orphanages and they restore the structure.

    ACCOMODATION:  The volunteers stay in a local family's place or in an hostel. It is essencial a sleeping bag. They provide three meals per day. 

    REQUIREMENTS:  There are no requirements.






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