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OIKOS, in cooperation with the association UAC (United Action for Children), organises international workcamps in Cameroon.

UAC has been created in 1996 with the aim of sustaining deprived children (orphans, disabled, provenient from poor families), giving them an education and helping them to find a job.

The UAC activities are based in the South-West part of the Country.





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UAC/MLTV1 OPEN DATES (*) Buéa Education
UAC/MLTV2 OPEN DATES (*) Buéa Vocational training

(*)  During July and August these projects aren't available because the schools are closed.



-  Download the application form by clicking here;

    - Pay the participation fee of 130,00 euro on the bank account 14042.46 destinated to Associazione OIKOS, IBAN code IT 10 01030 03215 000001404246 BIC SWIFT: PASCITM1R15 with the payment description "amount mid long termin volunteering". Then you have to send a copy of the payment by fax to the number 06/5073233 or by email to the address

    -  Send the filled application form in English or French to the email address, preferably 3 months before the starting date, so that everything can by well prepared and organized.  

    The beginning of the activites is up to the availability of each volunteer.
    OIKOS tries to promote the partecipation of everyone.

    The mid and long term volunteer programs are individual and personalised. Evry volunteer is invited to the OIKOS office in Rome to have an orientation meeting and discuss about his/her motivations and skills.

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    Location: Buéa is a city in the South-West of Cameroon. To get there is about one house by car from the international airport of Douala. The activities are in a village which is about 5 km from the city.

    Requirements:  The projects are open to volunteers from all over the world who are 18+ years old.  It is required a basic knowledge of English, which is the official language of the projects. A good sense of team work and the ability to adapt in the work context and environment in which the volunteers will operate is essential; additionally, a degree of flexibility on working hours and the willingness to cooperate with the local community (as well as other volunteers).

    Period: The duration of each project is minimum 1 month and maximum 2 months. Because of the interruption of the school, these projects aren't available during July and August. For all the rest of the year, the starting and ending dates are up to the availabilty of each volunteer.  

    Trasportation: The staff offers its means of transport for the movements from the dormitory to the workplace. The costs for the transfer from the airport of Doula or Yaooundé are to be paid by the volunteer.

    Room and board: The volunteers stay in the same structure, supplied by the local association, which is far about 15-20 minutes from the workplace. The association garantees three meals per day.

    Partecipation fee: The partecipation fee, which incluedes the annual registration fee to OIKOS  and the organization cost, is 130,00 euro and it has to be paid when the application is done.

    Workcamp fee: The amount for the project management has to be done to a person in charge at the momnent of the arrival to the hosting organization and it depens on the duation of the stay of the volunteer:

    For the one-month projects, the amount is 350 dollars (about 315 euro);

    For the two-months projects, the amount is 550 dollars (about 495 euro).









    WORK: The volunteers take part activelyto the education of children between 3 and 13 years, collaborating in activities of cultural animation, teaching support and helping the theachers during the sport and paiting class and during other creative workshops. The volunteers choose the class which they want to support according to their skills, their motivations and the needs of the structure.

    DURATION: From 4 weeks to 2 months, according to the availability of the volunteer.



    WORK:  The volunteers collaborate in activities targeted to young people over 14 years old, with homeworks which help them to learn more about computer science and new technologies, giving them base knowledges of the use of a computer and of the most popular softwares.

    DURATION: From 4 weeks to 2 months, according to the availability of the volunteer.







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