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In 2016 Oikos organises international workcamps in Georgia in cooperation with the organization LYVG (LEAGUE OF YOUNG VOLUNTARY GEORGIAN".

It is a citizen's non-governmental, non-profit organization, founded in 2003 by the initiative of the representatives of the German and Latvian communities in Georgia with support of Georgians Salvation Army. LYVG functions on the basis of the Constitution of Georgia and under Georgia's law «About public citizen associations».



The projects are open to volunteers 18 years old and above from all over the world.

All the travel costs and the visa are carried by the volunteers.

The participation fee that includes the annual membership fee of Oikos is 130,00 euros and has to be paid, upon submission of application, through bank transfer addressed to the cultural association OIKOS on the cc 14042.46 - Code IBAN: IT 10 I01030 03215 000001404246 -  BIC SWIFT: PASCITM1R15 with the payment description "amount for workcamp ".

The workcamp fee (which includes room and board) depends on the project and it has to be paid to the project coordinator after the arrival.



For the description of the project, please, click the camp code:





WC21 03/09 - 16/09 Kakheti AGRI/FARM
WC22  17/09 - 30/09 Kakheti AGRI/FARM
WC23 01/10 - 14/10 Kakheti AGRI/FARM
WC24 15/10 - 28/10  Kakheti AGRI/FARM
WC25 05/11 - 15/11 Ajara AGRI/ENVI
WC26 19/11 - 29/12 Ajara AGRI/ENVI
WC26  03/12 - 13/12 Ajara AGRI/ENVI
WC40  07/05–20/05 Tbilisi ENVI
WC41  21/0503/06 Tbilisi ENVI
WC42 11/0624/06 Tbilisi ENVI
WC43 16/0729/07 Tbilisi ENVI
WC44 30/0712/08  Tbilisi ENVI
WC45  13/0826/08 Tbilisi ENVI
WC46 27/0809/09 Tbilisi ENVI
WC47 10/0923/09 Tbilisi ENVI
WC48 24/0914/10 Tbilisi ENVI
WC49 15/08–28/10 Tbilisi ENVI
WC50 04/06–14 /06 Yoga Camp SPOR/ENVI
WC67 24/0907/10 Gremi AGRI/ENVI
WC68 08/1021/10 Gremi AGRI/ENVI







03/09 - 16/09



 17/09 - 30/09


01/10 - 14/10


15/10 - 28/10 

LOCATION: KAKHETI region is the center of Georgia's wine industry and is situated in the Alazani valley 415 m above sea level and 145 km from the capital of Georgia Tbilisi. Akhali Sopeli  is one of the biggest villages in KAKHETI.

ACCOMMODATION: In the «House of Nature Friends ELISO» (HNF) with kitchen on the first floor and  3 bedrooms, bathroom and toilet (inside and outside), balcony and two more bedrooms on the second floor. The each family will host in room for 3 persons. Considering the make-up of the groups we can propose «family» room or «kids» room. The ELISO’s house stands at the forest edge.

FOOD: Will be provided three times a day (vegetables, fruits, meet, fish and national dishes). The volunteers will also take part in housekeeping and cooking. Please bring along some of your favorite recipes! If you’ll bring your fishing rods, we’ll organize fishing days.

MOTIVATION: «League of Young Voluntary Georgian» (LYVG) suggests a family project  with the desire to bring a new life in the abandoned rural locations and to allow people  of diverse social and cultural backgrounds to meet by working together, allowing all to discover a natural style of country living and help old people and large families. RTVELI “Gathering of grapes” project welcomes families who want to spent time getting to know Georgian culture and gives them an opportunity to participate in grape harvest, one of the most traditional and important agricultural and cultural event. RTVELI is quite an active holiday in Georgia, as every year; lots of people are gathered in Kakheti region to participate in it. The East Georgia region still keeps ancient traditional secrets of making vine.

WHAT TO BRING: Sleeping bags are required. First of all it is to bring rubber shoes, warm clothes, garden glove, hand towel, toothbrush and of course photo/video camera. You can also bring your music instruments, CD or DVD with your favorite national songs, music and much enthusiasm and good humor.

LEISURE TIME: The volunteers will have chance to participate in some of favorite outdoor pursuits.  We can arrange picnics in the beautiful nature. The volunteers will have the opportunity to visit a lot of historical monuments, ancient churches and monasteries in the Kakheti region.

LANGUAGE: English / German / Russian / Georgian.       

PARTICIPATION FEE: 150, 00 EURO per adult and 80,00 EURO per child 10–15 years old (to be paid at the arrival).   

WC25 Ajara 10/03-19/03
WC26 Ajara 11/05-25/05

LOCATION: The WC project “Clean up the Coastline” is located in the beautiful region of Georgia, Adjara (Ajara)– in Kobuleti on the shore of the Black Sea. The camp will take place only 120 m from the marvelous beach. Kobuleti  is the regional center of Adjara and is situated 25 km  from Batumi and 380 km from Tbilisi.

ACCOMMODATION: In comfortable 2-floor cottage with an open balcony and a loggia on the 2nd floor. First floor: 5 rooms (4, 6, 3 beds), 1 shower, 1 toilet, 2 kitchens (inside and outside).  Second floor: 6 rooms (3, 4, 6 beds), 2 showers and 2 toilets. The cottage is supplied with constant gas, electricity and water.

FOOD: Volunteers will prepare the meals by the given food.

WORK: The main purpose of the camp for volunteers is to participate in 4-5 h harvesting of citruses, leasing the beaches and the inshore part of the sea bottom, planting of trees and gardens.

WHAT TO BRING: First of all it is great to bring sleeping bags with you. Hand towels, flash light, sturdy shoes, house shoes/slippers/thick socks, warm, rainproof clothes for working.

LEISURE TIME: Camp leaders will organize free time together with the participants: cultural diversity (excursions in Batumi botanical garden and in the tee factory, café and discotheque). The cottages are endowed with piano, TV– sets, videos and games (domino, cards, chess, nards and lotto).   

LANGUAGE: English/Russian/Georgian.            

PARTICIPATION FEE: 150, 00 EURO (to be paid at the arrival).

WC40 Tbilisi  07/05–20/05
WC41 Tbilisi  21/0503/06
WC42 Tbilisi 11/0624/06
WC43 Tbilisi 16/0729/07
WC44 Tbilisi 30/0712/08 
WC45 Tbilisi  13/0826/08
WC46 Tbilisi 27/0809/09
WC47 Tbilisi 10/0923/09
WC48 Tbilisi 24/0914/10
WC49 Tbilisi 15/08–28/10

LOCATION:  Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia, was founded in the 4th century by King Vakhtang Gorgasali on the site of its warm mineralwater springs. Tbilisi is an awe–inspiring city with ancient and fascinating history. It is a lively town with friendly people, that offers many cultural and leisure activities. The National  Botanical Garden of Georgia (NBGG) is situated in the southern part of the historical part of the city.

The National Botanical Garden of Georgia (NBGG) is  one of the oldest botanical institutions and a member of the International Association of plant’s conservation in Botanical Gardens (BGCI). Via exchanging seeds and as delectates the TBG has scientific connections with many botanical gardens and with about 300 institutions in 150 countries. The history of the Garden began from the beginning of the 17th century (1636). The NBGG has officially started functioning since 1845 and to be the only scientific institution of this kind in Caucasus for almost 100 years. The NBGG has the following directions: 1. Plant introduction and adaptation; 2. Study of local flora; 3. In situ and ex situ conservation of rare and endangered plants; 4. Ornamental horticulture and floriculture; 5. Complex measures against plant diseases and pests; 6. Creation of seed bank; 7. Creation of herbarium; 8. Extension of the museum; 9. Improve library and informative service; 10. Participate in the landscape and shade gardening of the city; 11. Carry out educational–environmental programs; 12. Establish close contacts with the botanical gardens of the world and nature protecting organization; 13. Improve qualification of the workers of the garden; 14. Education and practical work with students; 15. Encourage volunteering, tourism and excursions.

ACCOMMODATION: DARCHEE HOSTEL or with agreement in the family.

FOOD: Will be provided three times a day (vegetables, fruits, meet, fish and national dishes). The volunteers will also take part in housekeeping and cooking. Please bring along some of your favorite recipes.

WORK: (4–5 hours per day) the work consists of cleaning out waste and vegetal debris from the territory of Botanical Garden: – collect leaves and garbage from the territory of Botanical Garden; – help gardener look after flowers in the garden   (pull weeds, top off roses and other plants); – work in the laboratory (if you major in botanic); – study of local flora and creation of herbarium;  –participate in the landscape and shade gardening of the city.

WHAT HAVE TO BRING WITH YOU: working clothes, photo/video camera and traditional food for International Evening and of course a good mood.

LEISURE TIME: The volunteers will have chance to participate in some of favorite outdoor pursuits.  We can arrange picnics in the beautiful nature. The volunteers will have the opportunity to visit a lot of historical monuments, ancient churches and monasteries in Tbilisi and in regions of Georgia.

LANGUAGE: English, Russian, Georgian. 

PARTICIPATION FEE: 230, 00 Euro (to be paid at the arrival).

WC50 Yoga Camp


LOCATION:  Batumi is capital of  Adjara autonomous republic and important port at Black Sea cost in southwest Georgia. It is situated in a subtropical zone, rich in agricultural produce such as citrus fruit and tea. Since 2010, the face of the city has been transformed by the construction of new high-rise landmark buildings and the renovation of the Old Town. Batumi is the town of various music festivals. A huge investment, new tourism infrastructure, beauty of nature and beach attracts lots of visitors.

ACCOMMODATION: The “LA BELLE VERTE" located by National park Mtirala. It is only 20 minutes by bus to Batumi. This is protected area with unique subtropical forest including endemic flora and fauna. You will live in forest eco camping with tree house and wooden bungalows in double room (for 2 persons). No night life, TV or disco is available at the city, but there is good internet connection. Wi fi, hot showers and toilette.

FOOD: Eco food from our village, tasty Georgian cuisine 3 times a day (breakfast, lunch and dinner).

WORK: Every day we will do yoga or rhythm (you can try African rhythms and elements of Indian dance tribal fusion, call Mandala dance). We will hike through the forest. For the eco tasks we can collect herbs from Mountains, we will collect fruits from garden, make eco food and also yoga style of food (Ayurveda kitchen). For farming activity we can also do such things as planting/weeding/watering. You can help to create eco camp, like painting or landscape tasks. You will also help in the kitchen (washing dishes, serving, etc).

WHAT TO BRING: Some kind of working clothes and sleeping bags and yoga mat with you. Clothes and boots for rainy weather. Bring clothes for yoga classes. You can also bring your music instruments and of course your good mood and open heart for new country, friendly Georgian people and wild forest.

LEISURE TIME: Every day we will have yoga or rhythm classes for well feeling and good mood. There are many possibilities for leisure time, especially for those who love nature: acquaintance with nature of the area, hiking, swimming, visit ancient architectural monuments etc. Excursions to the historical places are planned as well. Volunteers will have a very good chance to get in close contact with the local people, experience local traditions and learn some customs like how to be a farmer and make Georgian food. The region is very attractive and famous for its homemade wines and tasty eco food. You can enjoy sea view, National Botanical Garden of Batumi. www.gobatumi.com

LANGUAGE: English, Russian.

PARTICIPATION FEE: 150 EUR for 10 days (participation fee is to be paid upon arrival)

WC67 Gremi 24/0907/10
WC68 Gremi


LOCATION: “TEMI CHARITABLE UNION” is situated in GREMI 170 km from capital of Georgia Tbilisi in Kvareli District of KAKHETI. This is one of the most beautiful parts of Georgia. The region is famous for its architectural monuments (about 5000 monuments). The most significant one is the Lagodekhi National Park – the natural reserve in Georgia opened in 1912 (it occupies 17 818 h of land of which 12 146 h is covered with woods).  UNESCO has listed Lagodekhi National Park among the monuments of worldwide importance.

TEMI owns 22 ha of land (incl. 7 ha) for wine yard, which were purchased stepwise with the help of different donors and are cultivated organically.  TEMI produce organic wines “Rkatsiteli”, “Saperavi”, and “Khindzmarauli”. In 2012 “Rkatsiteli” was awarded by silver medal on “Tbilisi 5 International Wine Award”. TEMI owns the new building of a greenhouse for organic greens and vegetables (funded by the Embassy of Japan in Georgia).

TEMI was first started as a charity in 1989. There were living 70 persons (from the youngest one year six month till the oldest 75 years old). TEMI community was founded in 1991 (President: Mr. NIKA KVASHALI) and over the years, the family grew to sometimes more than 100 people of different ages and backgrounds who were living and working together. TEMI residents are: • orphans • half orphans • the physically and mentally disabled • the poor • the homeless • the isolated and lonely • the marginalized • single mothers • IDP-s • refuges • the unemployed • disenfranchised and marginalized youth • the elderly and others. TEMI vision is a sustainable Community where people live together safely, with dignity and respect for each other, other human beings and the environment, committed to provide best quality health and social care to its members and to enable them to develop their full potential as individuals and as a group.  TEMI aims: I. To provide a safe and stimulating environment in which socially vulnerable people can develop to their full potential. II. To achieve “I” above via social enterprise; developing TEMI’s capacity to earn an income in order to be self-sustainable and to ensure our long-term survival. III. To achieve both “I” and “II” above via environmentally friendly treatment of the earth and nature, so as not to sacrifice moral values and common good to a short-term gain.

ACCOMODATION: Tent, two-floor house or not completed buildings. 2 Toilets, 2 showers and 1 general toilet are available. Includes 2 rooms for 2 – 6 person. The free places depend on period of time.

FOOD: will be provided three times a day (vegetables, fruits; meet, fish – few days a week).

WORK: The volunteers will help in garden and in vineyards and some garden renovation work (depending on the weather condition).  The normal working hours are 4 – 6 hours a day for 6 days a week. If you are doing a heavy job for a few hours, you can combine it with lighter jobs (such as planting or watering; harvesting and conservation fruits and vegetables, working skills in kitchen, helping with household chores, teaching, organized leisure activities etc). You may also change the combination of tasks during the period of your stay. Day off – Sunday.

LEISURE TIME: Participation in celebration of city days “Tbilisoba Festival”. The volunteers will have the opportunity to visit a lot of historical monuments, ancient churches and monasteries. They will also have chance to participate in some activities (parties, fishing and swimming in the river).

WHAT TO BRING: Sleeping bags are required. Warm clothes, hand towel and toothbrush, garden glove, high overshoes (gum boots) and of course photo/video camera. You will need some kind of working clothes for the camp activities. You can also bring your music instruments with you, CD or DVD with your favorite national songs and music.

LANGUAGE: English/ German/ Russian/ Georgian.

PARTECIPATION FEE: 150, 00 EURO  (to be paid at the arrival).