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Distinguishing Ernst von Glasersfeld's Radical Constructivism from Humberto Maturana's 'Radical Realism' by Vincent Kenny [27.12.07]

Anyone for Tennis? Conversations with Ernst on Being Sporting about Epistemology by Vincent Kenny [27.12.07]

An Exposition of Constructivism: Why Some Like it Radical by Ernst von Glasersfeld [08.04.03

Intimate Distances - Fragments for a Phenomenology of Organ Transplantation by Francisco Varela [09.10.01]

Confusion And The Clock by George Kelly [02.01.01]

The Economy of Discourses: a third order cybernetics? 
by Philip Boxer and Vincent Kenny [01.10.01] 

Changing Conversations: Persons in Transition by Vincent Kenny & Georgianna Gardner [10.11.00] 

Mirror Sights: Casting Reflections Across the Surfaces of Reflexivity  by Vincent Kenny [10.09.00] 

On The Backwards Epistemology Of Misguided Psychotherapists: - When Will They Learn To See The Patterns Of Relationship And Stop Talking Nonsense? by Vincent Kenny [05.18.00] 


Chapters II and III of Gregory Bateson's and Mary Catherine Bateson's ANGELS FEAR  [01.23.00]

Chapters II and III of Gregory Bateson's MIND AND NATURE [01.03.00]

The Impossibility of Specifying 'Good' Psychotherapy by D. J. Smail [11.25.99]

From the 'Origins of Unhappiness - Case Study of English health service being 'transformed' in the 80's into a 'managerial model' under Thatcher by D. J. Smail [11.25.99]

Psychotherapy, Society and the Individual by D. J. Smail [11.24.99]

An interview with Anatol Holt  by Vincent Kenny [08.06.99]

On the Subject of Autopoiesis and it's Boundaries: Does The Subject Matter? by Vincent Kenny [05.22.99]

Autopoiesis, Culture and Society by Humberto Mariotti [05.22.99]

Towards an Ecology of Conversations - Live Speech & Dead Speech in 'Psychotherapy' by Vincent Kenny [03.20.99]

Psychotherapy A Personal Approach by D. J. Smail [02.19.99]

On Becoming a Personal Anarchist  by Spencer A. McWilliams [12.15.98]

An Introduction to the Personal Construct Psychology of George A. Kelly by Vincent Kenny [09.02.98]

The Psychological Reconstruction of Life: An Introduction to Personal Construct Psychotherapy by Vincent Kenny [09.02.98]

Kelly, Bannister and a Story Telling Psychology by Miller Mair [30.09.98]

Mind / Body Dualism Conference Invitational Paper by Gregory Bateson [09.28.98]

A Psychology for a Changing World by Miller Mair [06.14.98]

The Threat of Agression by George Kelly [06.12.98]

Hostility by George Kelly [06.12.98]

Psychologists as Psychotherapists: the Problem of Reconciling Laurel and Hardy by Don Bannister [06.12.98]

Anticipating Autopoiesis: Personal Construct Psychology and Self Organising Systems by Vincent Kenny [04.02.98]

Life, the Multiverse and Everything: An Introduction to the Ideas of Humberto Maturana by Vincent Kenny [03.04.98]

Mind - Anticipation and Chaos by Mihai Nadin [02.11.98]

The Implementation of a Constructivist Approach to the Resolution of Prejudice by Vincent Kenny & Hugh Gash [01.21.98]

The Incommensurability of Scientific and Poetic Knowledge by Ernst von Glasersfeld [01.15.98]

In Memory of a Pioneer (Silvio Ceccato, 1914-1997) by Ernst von Glasersfeld [01.15.98]

Gregory Bateson's Notion of the Sacred - What Can it Tell Us about Living Constructively? by Vincent Kenny [12.14.97]







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