Spinaceto’s Campagna Park was born in the 60s, as a means for the integration of the district’s urban reality with Rome’s countryside (“campagna” – which was later turned into the Regional Park of Decima-Malafede).

In the late 80s, Oikos recognised the existence of a small forest within the park, which possessed features of natural integrity hardly preserved in Rome. Amongst the plant species, Oikos found the Sternbergia Iutea, an extremely beautiful yellow flower, which had not been encountered in decades.

In 1994, Oikos launched the reforestation operation “ Un Bosco per la Città” (“A Forest for the City”), with both the intention of extending the woodland and of stopping the degradation of the area bordering the residential buildings: in fact, the area was gradually turning into an open-air dump. Further actions allowed the broadening of the protected area up to a surface of 5 hectares.

In 2002, the Municipality of Rome sold the park to privates, who, in exchange for its regular maintenance, should have built the Rugby city as a part of a requalification program (PVQ) aimed at green areas and at the promotion of sports activities.

Nonetheless, what has happened in these years is there for all to see.

At its own expense, Oikos has defended the reforestation project by guaranteeing the periodic mowing of the infesting vegetation and by annually providing new plantations.
Instead, the rest of the park has been relinquished up to the enterprise’s failure, leaving behind nothing more than a huge, useless and decaying construction.

Last year, the community decided to undergo a process of self-taxation, in order to ensure the cleaning of the park.
Nonetheless, a great number of areas remain problematic, whilst most trees are unstable, making the park practically inaccessible.



29/01/2017: Oikos perpetuates the reforestation operations by virtue of its volunteers, of socially useful workers employed at the service of the community and of those who regularly visit Spinaceto’s Campagna Park.
By means of this public notice, Oikos further states its openness towards citizens who actively want to counteract the ambiance of political and institutional inadequacy, at length rejected by the community.

Oikos appeals to the community’s collaboration in order to press for the degradation’s cut-off and, subsequently, for the park’s valorisation.